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Sign up: After signing up you will receive a contract by email to e-sign. Once you've e-signed, your request on Tapfiliate will be approved.   Commission Structure: We pay out $100 commission in two $50 installments over two months (except if the sale was through a coupon page, then there is a $50 payment in one installment). Commissions are paid once every month on the 10th of the month. An AngelSense Affiliate Manager will email you at the beginning of the month with the amount due you. You will need to send back an invoice for that amount, and your PayPal account will be credited.   Cookie Time: Your affiliate link tracks traffic sent to the AngelSense website for 28 days. That means that if someone clicks on your link, but didn't buy, but then anytime within the next 28 days does come back to the site and purchases, that will be recorded as your sale, even if they didn't purchase through your link.   AngelSense Purchases: AngelSense offers a risk-free 30-day trial to all users. Because of this, you will make a commission only if and when someone enters a contract. The Tapfiliate program will track this on its own.    Optional Coupon Page: If you would like a coupon page created for you, reach out to an AngelSense Affiliate Manager. The coupon page will give $50 off of AngelSense. You will make a $50 commission (instead of $100) on each purchase that comes through your coupon page. You can use both your regular affiliate link and a coupon link. See example here  

Printed Material Available: If you would like to give promotional material to any offices, organizations or groups, reach out to an AngelSense Affiliate Manager to order brochures with your affiliate coupon link printed on them.



- Do use your unique affiliate code (you'll find it in Tapfiliate under assets) EVERY time you link to AngelSense. This is how we track the traffic back to you.

-Do reach out to an AngelSense Affiliate Manager if you would like a coupon page or print brochures.

-Do share with anyone that could benefit from AngelSense.

-Do share with your local first responders/ sheriff office, doctor or therapist office, special-ed teachers. Please contact an AngelSense Affiliate Manager for print brochures first.

-Do reach out to an AngelSense Affiliate Manager if you have any questions, ideas or comments. 



-Do not open paid online PPC campaigns that target the name AngelSense.

-Do not create a webpage or landing page using the name AngelSense in the url.

-Do not create a Facebook page, or any social media profile using the name AngelSense.

-Do not post your affiliate link on any AngelSense assets online, including the AngelSense Facebook page or posts, the AngelSense Guardians Facebook group, AngelSense Blog comments, AngelSense Twitter posts, AngelSense YouTube Channel, AngelSense Pinterest account, AngelSense Instagram account, AngelSense ads, AngelSense reviews, or AngelSense Amazon product pages.

-Do not privately message anyone that leaves a comment on any of the above.