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Welcome to AngelSense Affiliation Program!


We're excited to have you join the AngelSense Affiliation Program and help spread the word about AngelSense in your area! 

This is your go-to space for all your AngelSense affiliate material. Here you'll find your unique affiliate link which will track all your activity, banners and images to easily share on your websites and social media channels, as well as your stats and commissions.

Getting started:

  • Set up your profile with your photo (optional) address and company (optional: you can use the name of your blog/website)
  • Enter your PayPal address- this is how you will receive your commissions
  • Feel free to follow Tapfiliate's guide to learn about the platform
  • Under assets you will find your referral URL- make sure you use this EVERY time you post about AngelSense, this is the only way to track traffic from you

If you have any questions at all, want to share ideas, or are looking for some inspiration, don't hesitate to email me yael@angelsense.com

We're so glad to have you here as a member of the AngelSense Affiliate team!



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